The most awesome purchases I've ever made

The other day I was looking around on Amazon for kid's Halloween costumes and came across the best things I've ever seen. Ever. That includes a basket of kittens.

I found a unicorn head, a horse head, a monkey head, and a squirrel head. It was the best day of my life times twenty thousand. If I'd ever birthed a kid, that would be a super sucky insult to the little midget. I remain a good person.

I one-clicked them all and then immediately texted my husband, who thought I was and idiot as usual (as seen in the screenshot to the right). His lack of enthusiasm didn't bother me though. The deep and lasting joy a unicorn head provides stands the test of time and remains strong in the face of negativity.

I have PLANS for these masks that go far beyond one sugar-crazed evening in October. No. I see family pictures in our future. I see scaring the shit out of my dad. I see checking the mail eleven times a day. I see walking the dogs. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You should get excited...this is going to be good.

I'm sure my husband would appreciate it if I would grow up, but that's pretty boring and grown ups can't wear unicorn heads. Apparently.

Because I'm such a nice person, I could never hog this joy all to myself. I'm all about sharing the love, so below you can find direct links to buy these heads yourself!

I know. Just when you thought life couldn't get better. Notice that the chimp mask is DELUXE. You're welcome.