Yahoo entertainment for all!

Sometimes when I'm feeling blue, or maybe not very smart, I'll go to Yahoo Answers to feel better about myself and lift my mood. Not only is Yahoo Answers free entertainment, but it's also free therapy. You can't put a price on that.

Here are some of my favorites from today:

I've never seen such prose so neatly compacted into one short sentence. Derek managed to enemize the asker, fruitcakes, 3 year olds, squirrels, people with down syndrome, and monkeys. That is not a list of folks I want on the wrong side of me.

If Yahweh was reading this, I'm pretty sure he'd have wanted Rebecca to actually answer the question. But I think He also probably laughed at that tin-foil hat thing too. Because seriously?

Don't you just want to go find Carl the bedwetter now? I bet he's got a bunch of other good stories too. #6 on the bucket list: find Carl the bedwetter.

Another answer that packs a punch in just a few short words! First of all, where's the proof that she's white, asshole? The girl never said anything about rolling around naked in pumpkin spice while knocking the birkenstocks, so I don't think Lucky is very freaking credible.

Fine advice, Heywood. I'm pretty sure you aren't getting humped because you're asking your woman to hump. Stupid monkey.

LMAO. Your white ass is dead, Worthlesser.

Now that is what you call a Best Answer.