Finally, a morning win

I watch a lot of shitty commercials all day long. These commercials are engineered toward stay at home moms mostly, and the majority are completely off the mark. If they ever were on the mark, by the time you've seen them thirty-two times before 10am, it's the last fucking product you'd buy if your grandma was on fire.

Here's one that I thought was totally cute the first three times, and now I want to drag Susan's pummeled body out into I35 rush hour traffic and then go eat anything...ANYTHING...but a damn Belvita cracker. That's my idea of a morning win.

Most of the shows throughout the day are sprinkled with commercials geared to make women feel like they must buy their product to be sexy and desirable. Guess what. If you have a vagina, you're desirable. You don't have to church it up.

What kills me about these commercials, like the one below, is that these hussies rolling around like alley cats in heat don't make me want to run out and buy this product. They'd like you to believe that if you buy this lipstick, you'll be transformed into a sex goddess and all men will desire you, or maybe you'll find yourself so sexy that you just roll around on the bed all day. If you ask me, this commercial doesn't speak to women. It's made for men and maybe lesbians, but not regular women. All the women in this commercial are just embarrassing, and the women who run out and buy this lipstick based off this commercial are insecure retards.

Speaking of alley cats in heat, this video below is a must see. Put it in context with what you just saw.

I feel like if a company wants me to buy a product, they should gear it toward me, a woman. I recently saw the commercial below and I'm thinking...ok Revlon, now you're talking. And yes, yes, I know that men don't act like this, but if I turn the volume down, it's a commercial after my own heart. Enjoy ladies. (just go ahead and turn that volume down)

I figure if these commercials are going to insult my intelligence, it's at least nice that they do it with something I actually want to look at.

How about you? What commercials just piss you off? What will you buy and won't you buy, and why?