Are you a psychopath?

Today I read an article called Psychopathology and Abnormal Behavior that I found on Monday Blogs. It talks about how to know if someone (including yourself) is a psychopath, and it even has a test you can take to find out. I felt compelled to take the test because what if I'm a psychopath and didn't even know it?

On the one hand, if it came out negative for psychopathy, then I would be super happy and celebrate with a glass of wine; on the other, if it came out positive, I would call my husband and tell him that he's married to a fucking fruit cake and I would just laugh and laugh. Ahh. Good times. And then I would celebrate with a glass of wine.

I did take the test and it turns out I'm not crazy. A part of me was disappointed, but it's probably for the best. I feel like I'd make a substandard criminal, and I really try to be the best at everything I do. 

Take this test for yourself and if you score above thirty, you're crazy as a bed bug. Let me know your scores; I need to know who I'm working with here. As for me, here are my results:

P.S. If you fail the test and it turns out you're psycho, you'll be inclined to lie about your score because that's what you people do. It's OK. You can tell me anything. I don't have my phone on my lap with the cops on speed dial. Promise.