Giving tragedy the finger

Recently a friend of ours cut off two fingers and part of his thumb while building an apartment for his daughter. He's not exactly sure how it happened - just that one minute he had a perfectly intact hand and the next, his thumb hit him in the forehead. No shit. In the forehead. Talk about insult to injury.

The doctors were unable to reattach the fingers because they let five hours pass before treating him. And if his day couldn't get any worse, they wouldn't even let him keep his fingers. Just ignore the fact that it's a little weird to want to keep the fingers, and focus on the fact that it's total bullshit. They are still HIS fingers, after all, and the doctors who didn't even take good care of him just confiscated them, like, screw you dude, these are OUR fingers now. Muahahahaha.

 Gary's owie

Gary's owie

There is a point to this story, and I'm getting there.

After all that Gary went through, the next day he went out to continue building that apartment for his daughter. He didn't let a few missing phalanges hinder him from being productive and keeping an upbeat attitude. It got me to thinking about how people respond to the terrible tragedies in life.

On one hand, you have your Garys, who persevere and continue on through life stronger than ever. On the other hand, you have the Mes of the world. The people with bacon lodged in a fat roll who become hoarders with dead cats under the couch.

I like to think of myself as a pretty positive person. Positive I would be a total piece of shit if that happened to me. How would I type? My life would be over. How would I change the channel if I had wine in my other hand? How would I fix my hair on the off chance I was trying to look decent?

Thinking about all the disadvantages does lead me to the advantages though. For instance, I bet the nail place would only charge me half. And I could scare babies. And I could get out of all kinds of boring events, like weddings and baby showers by saying, "I can't. Remember...I don't have any fingers." and they'd go "Oh shit, I'm so sorry, what was I thinking." It would be a permanent pity party in my honor. P.S. I'm a really bad person.

I love that there are people like Gary out there in the world who are truly inspiring and give the rest of us hope that maybe one day we won't be so sucky. It's a stretch, but it could happen. What kind of person are you? Do you shatter in the storm, or do you give tragedy the finger? Tell me all about it.