A special tribute to the 4th of July

I was trying to think of what to write to celebrate 'Merica's independence, but then came across a few videos that literally left me speechless. As we all know, the most important thing about July 4th is what it stands for. This video is a testament to the commitment and pride of our fellow Americans.

In addition to reflecting on the true meaning of this day, we always want to remember to include Jesus in our holiday festivities.

Now that we've fully grasped the magnitude of what July 4th means to us, it's time to get hammered and shoot fireworks from really clever places. This is a monumental display of patriotism, don't you think?

What a brave American.

Really, all that stuff I said before was bullshit. The finale is the most important thing about July 4th. Everybody knows that.

Now that we've properly celebrated our freedom, let's wash our brains out with adorable images of fuzzy, patriotic kitty cats. You're welcome.

Happy 4th everyone! Be safe out there, but if you aren't, please provide videos.