A plea to Daniel Goddard

Last week, something monumental happened in my life. There I was, playing HayDay, when I got a Twitter notification on my phone that said these words:

Daniel Goddard is now following you

My first thought was that it probably wasn't the real Daniel Goddard. After all, I have the fake Daryl Dixon following me. Well, Daryl Dixon is technically fake anyway, but the one following me is faker than the real one. My point is, I knew the Daniel Goddard that was following me was probably some dude sitting in a wife beater and underwear in his mom's basement. Not THE Daniel Goddard.

But I looked anyway, just out of curiosity. And there it was...the magical blue checkmark symbol indicating the legitness of this Daniel Goddard.

I looked over at my husband, who was eating Cheezits and watching Man vs. Food.

"Daniel Goddard is following me on Twitter." I told him, beaming.

"Who's that?"


My husband doesn't watch the Young and the Restless, but he has been made to sit through several episodes because I record them and have marathons on the weekends.

"Oh." he said, turning his attention back to his Cheezits.

Oh? OH?! Had he not heard me clearly? Did I st-st-stutter? I couldn't believe his dismissal of my awesome news. Dum-dum, I thought. I stared at the screen for about an hour. I have achieved one degree of separation with one of my favorite TV characters. HELLO. Kind of a big deal.

Now, if you go on Daniel Goddard's Twitter, you'll see something like this:

You shouldn't pay any attention to the column where it shows how many he's following. You should only focus on the fact that he follows ME. That's what's really important here. On top of that, I didn't request a follow, beg for a follow, or cyber stalk him in any way. It was totally organic which means I'm more awesome than I was the other day.

My hope is that somehow Daniel will see this post and know that his one follow totally made my year. And I hope that he will leave a comment on this post...something from his heart. I've provided a couple of canned statements that he could copy and paste even...to save time in his busy day and all. Here Daniel...I've prepared these for your convenience:

Journey, I'm your biggest fan, and not just because you're so beautiful and awesome.

Journey, you are so funny and beautiful and sometimes I secretly wish you were Lily.

Journey, I've been waiting my whole life to follow somebody as awesome as you.

Journey, I'll suggest to Joshua Morrow that he should follow you also, and then we can fight over who your biggest fan is.

These are just a few suggestions for you, Daniel. I'm here to help. It's what I do. So go ahead...feel free to leave a comment, or even better - make a difference in a life today and share this post on your Twitter feed. I can pretty much guarantee you'd go to heaven, and I would be more awesome by proxy. And isn't life about making a difference in another life, Daniel? I knew you'd think so. You're Daniel Fucking Goddard.