The hillbilly racists of the hair salon

As you may have noticed, Part 6 of the Law of Attraction series was not released again this week for reasons I don't have the energy to get into. But let me tell you about what happened today.

I stopped in the local hair salon to get a trim. Since I only do this about once a year, there were a couple of new hairstylists in there. One was a white lady named Carol, and the other a black woman named Liz. There were five older men sitting in the waiting area, so I figured the wait would be pretty significant. I settled in to play some Trivia Crack until my name was called.

It turns out the wait wasn't long. When Liz approached the counter to summon the next customer back, all five men declined her, one after another, stating they would prefer just wait for Carol "if it's all the same to you". She shrugged politely and called me back.

I surmised that either Liz was a hair hack of monumental proportions, or these five men were hillbilly racist motherfuckers. Part of me hoped I'd walk out of there all hacked to shit rather than believe the latter was true. I followed Liz back preparing for my she-mullet.

"Sad, they'd rather wait an hour or however long it takes than let me touch their hair, what's left it anyway." she mused as I sat down.

I asked her if this happened often. She nodded that it does, and then she went to work on my hair. To my utter dismay, when she was finished, it looked outstanding. I wanted to go punch all those old bastards right in their fat, stupid faces and rip out the last few follicles they had left. 

A girl can dream, right? I didn't do any of that, though, because I'm all zen and shit now. And even stupid people have the right to be stupid, even if it is 2015. Be nice to someone today. That is all.